Frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers :

  1. Who are we ?

  2. We are a french team specialized in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, we support since 3 years our customers throughout their projects using Machine Learning and Big Data. Passionate about Data Science and new technologies, we wish to encourage and popularize the development of AI solutions. We are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of AI.

  3. What is AI-Compare ?

    • AI-Compare can be used on 3 sides :
    • AI-Compare is a catalogue referencing hundreds of AI APIs availables on the market. The catalogue is divided into 4 categories : Vision, Audio, Text and Structured data APIs.
    • AI-Compare allows you to test and compare AI APIs. In fact, you just need to subscribe to AI-Compare and go to my APIs to compare AI APIs with your own data. For each kind of API, you can compare solutions from different providers.
    • AI-Compare API allows users to use a single API to call APIs from many providers. With your AI-Compare token, you can use AI-Compare API. You can choose provider solutions you want by entering a simple parameter in AI-Compare API.

  4. How to use different AI-Compare APIs ?

  5. To use AI-Compare APIs, you just have to create an account on AI-Compare. Then you will have access to my APIs and you will get 5000 free credits. Each kind of API costs a certain amount of AIC. You can find AI-Compare API documentation here.

  6. What are types of solutions availables ?

  7. For the moment, types or solutions availables to test and use on AI-Compare are : vision solutions, audio solutions, text analysis solutions and structured data solutions.

  8. How to buy AIC credits ?

  9. You can buy AIC credits here. To buy AIC credits you have to go to My Account and click on Buy more credits. You can enter your credit card safely and then choose how many packs you want. In My Account, you can see how many AIC credits are left on your account.

  10. How to become partner ?

  11. To become partner, you can click on Add your Product and create your provider account. Then you will be able to add your solutions on the catalogue. With your account, you will have access to a whole monitoring page to visualize clicks on your solutions and visits on your website.

  12. How to integer my API ?

  13. If you want us to integer your API on our AI-Compare API, you can just send us a message so we can contact us to talk about how we could integer your API in AI-Compare.

  14. What are the different offers ?

  15. For the moment, users can access to AI-Compare by creating an account and buying AIC credits after they spent all their free AIC. In the future, you will have the possibilité to subscribe to plans that will allow you to use your own API tokens from differents providers, pay a monthly subscription to get a monthly amount of AI Compare API calls.