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AI Management Platform

AI-Compare simplifies the use and integration of AI technologies by providing a unique API connected to the best AI engines and combined with a powerful management platform


What's AI-Compare

User interface

Friendly user interface to discover various AI engines and directly test them with your own data

Management platform

Innovative management platform to monitor costs, manage access and secure governance of your data

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Why AI-Compare

Best performing AI

Increase perfomance by choosing the best AI engine and most adapted to the your data and need

Custom & pre-trained AI

Large access to pre-trained AI engines and custom models more adapted to the user's data

Cost optimization

No switch cost and clear price communication in order to significantly reduce costs

Technological watch

Continuous technological watch with a guaranteed access to the best performances and prices

Easy to use

Easy to use API and interface to accelerate the integration of AI and the success of your projects


A unique AI API to easily switch between AI engines from different providers

Our technologies

Computer vision - face detection - face recognition - image classification - image segmentation - AI compare - Choose - AI engines - Deep Learning - Machine Learning


Custom vision, object detection, video analysis, face recognition, explicit content detection, etc.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition - Handwritten - Table


Standard OCR, invoice OCR, ID card OCR, tables OCR, receipt OCR, etc.

Text Mining - Natural Language Processing - Keyword extraction - Text classification - NLP - sentiment analysis

Text & NLP

Custom text classification, keyword extraction, sentiment anaysis, language detection, syntax analysis, etc.

Machine Translation - Language detection

Machine Translation

Standard machine translation, custom machine translation.

Speech - Audio - speech-to-text - text-to-speech - speech diarization - sentiment analysis

Speech & Audio

Speech-to-text, speech recognition, language detection, speech diarization, text-to-speech, etc.

Prediction - Machine Learning - Deep Learning - Regression - Classification - Clustering - Time series - Supervised - Unsupervised - Structured - Data Science - Artificial Intelligence

Prediction & ML

Regression, classification, clustering, time series, deep learning.

Our users

Digital expert

User friendly platform

Data expert / Developer

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